Ch. de Bordeneuve - Aerial view
... on tawny sandy soils.
Our small copper still from 1921.
Ageing in French barrels...
... create exceptional Armagnacs.
Château de Bordeneuve, Gers, France


Bordeneuve Châteaux & Collections is a family-owned and run company specialising in the production and ageing of fine and rare eaux-de-vie, principally from the 'Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée'.



With its Estate and vineyards being ideally located on tawny-sandy soils and by implementing a policy of clean and integrated viticulture, our Domain is able to obtain grape juice of the very highest quality.

The tawny-sandy soils - perfect for our vines...
Distillery - Baron de Sigognac


The vinification of the white wine is obtained through an entirely natural process.


Possessing its own distillery and copper stills, the Domain undertakes distillation of its vintages after each harvest, relying on know-how accrued over countless generations.



It is in the old cellars (1840) that refinement of the eaux-de-vie gets underway. Thick walls and a beaten earth floor provide the perfect conditions for the ageing process of our eaux-de-vie, which takes place in new French oak barrels.

These high-spec casks are meticulously chosen for the quality of their wood and the exactitude of the toasting, coming only from the most renowned French coopers. 

Domaine de Bordeneuve - its ancient ageing cellars...


The old and much-loved ditillation jornal - Domaine de Bordeneuve...

Today, thanks to this unique know-how, passed down over many generations, our company is above all, renowned as much for the excellence of its production as well as for its exceptional collection of vintage eaux-de-vie Armagnacs, which are lovingly and patiently aged over long years; the oldest of which dates to 1893...